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*it is written in blood that i am forever broken*

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was one of the best days i've had in a while.

i got to sleep in and NOT go to work
i was very excited. even though i was dead tired when i finally did fall asleep, i was content in being tired.

class was pretty interesting.
i'm enjoying the book we're reading AND
i'm diggin on philosophy.

dinner was quite enjoyable.
went to Buffalo's and found that my new favorite thing on their menu is the Greek pizza.
yay for keeping up with my no beef/pork!
and i do believe we'll go to dinner again.
i look forward to it

twilight at midnight = AMAZING.
so many people are saying they hate it and it wasn't worth the money.
BUT if you read the books,
its a fairly accurate account.
i could see how you wouldn't enjoy it if you didn't read the books.

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aw you went to buffalo and i wasn't there!!!! damn.

i like the vegan pizza with cheese. sooo good.

you'll have to meet me for dinner!

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