Confessions of a Confused Soul

*it is written in blood that i am forever broken*

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there comes a time...
when you just have to let go.
and hope that you had changed someone's life enough...
jussst enough, for them to know that there is better
in this world.

that they can be and DO better.
and hope that they find better
than they have in the past.

there comes a time,
when you just have to have faith
that even though you're not right,
hopefully they'll find someone better than you
so that they'll be happy.

cause in the end,
even though you weren't right,
hopefully they know
there's better
and they deserve so much more in this world.

there comes a time
that its just not about you anymore.
its about them.
and what they need.
and just cause its not how you'd hoped,
doesn't mean you didnt help them
see the good in this world.

because we all need a bit of good
in this big, confusing world.

this isn't about loving and losing.
this is about caring and learning.
its about compassion and change.

its about changing the world
one heart at a time.


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